Imp Hung: Tiles and Challenges

Today we are back to look at more ceramic tiles created by Imp Hung and to really test your knowledge of the paintings on which the tile images have been based. I've saved the hardest of the images for today.

Do you know this painting and the artist? To check the answer click on the image number in the caption. You can use the back arrow at the top to return to the post itself.

Imp Hung

No 1~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

As I explained yesterday, the Imp Hung works come from the art collections of our subscriber Andrew from the Hunter Valley Region and his sister Catherine.

How does Imp Hung create these images, which have been adapted from famous works of art and include Abe - the black rabbit? Sometime Abe replaces a subject in the original painting, other times he observes the setting from within the painting.

I will let Andrew from the Hunter Valley Region take up the story of Imp Hung:

These aren't just paintings but painted ceramic tiles.... Imp Hung creates each tile as she calls them and then carves the image onto the tile in a type of 3D effect or a relief. The tiles are then fired in a kiln, maybe up to six at a time, removed and painted and then fired again. Due to the complexity of getting the process just right Imp may only finish with one tile that turns out okay and meets her standard: the other five are discarded because they have cracked, broken or the paint colours are not correct.

This tile might challenge you and full marks to anyone who can identify the original art work on which it is based. I knew I had seen birds painted in this way but I admit - the original artist and art work stumped me. How about you?

Imp Hung

No 2~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

Andrew continues with the story of Imp Hung:

She learnt her trade at the Art facility, Newcastle TAFE, New South Wales. Imp is from Taiwan but has duel Australian nationality.

Her paintings are quite small, approximately 20cm x 24cm, up to 25cm x 30cm and weigh between 2 and 4 kgs.

She did make her early tiles in Newcastle and exhibited at the Back to Back Gallery in Cooks Hill Newcastle. But for her last exhibition she had to bring most of her works from Taiwan so you can imagine what that would have cost. And then as a struggling artist she couldn't afford to live in Australia so moved back to Taiwan about five years ago.

Here is another Imp Hung tile - which I think is amongst her best- and certainly one of my favourites. But then the original artist is also one of my favourites - and perhaps yours too? I would imagine most of you know the artist but do you know the title of the original painting?

Imp Hung

No 3~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

Andrew has also emphasised that Imp Hung, just like Van Gogh, not only paints but also writes a great deal, mostly about her philosophical beliefs and thoughts.

Here is another example of a conversation between Abe and Imp.

Imp Hung

Image and text by Imp Hung ©

And here is another challenge for you. I was able to guess the original artist correctly but didn't know the title of the original painting. Imp has deliberately not given titles to her tiles so as to encourage you to think back to when you might have seen the original and to help you rediscover the meaning behind the work.

Imp Hung

No 4~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

As you try to identify the original artist and the work each tile was based on try to spend a little time comparing Imp's image with the original. Remember, if you click on the number in the caption you will be linked to the original painting and a description of it. I think the tile below is very clever as Abe has become totally integrated into the composition.

Imp Hung

No 5~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

For the tile below I will give you a hint as to the artist of the original painting - you have already seen at least one other painting by this person. If you study the image carefully the title is not that difficult to guess. I must point out the incredibly intricate design of the plants and leaves created by Imp elaborate on the original composition.

Imp Hung

No 6~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

The original for the tile below is by the same artist as above - that much I will tell you. Study the image and see if you can guess the title of the original painting.

Imp Hung

No 7~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

If you know the painting and artist on which the last tile in this post is based - you are most likely an art expert. A very interesting artist of Italian background who was born in 1888 and lived for 90 years.

Imp Hung

No 8~ Ceramic tile painting by Imp Hung ©

Tomorrow Imp Hung reveals her thoughts and attachment to Van Gogh.

And the AnArt4Life blog is having a purple patch at the moment with new subscribers: two more have joined us today - a very warm welcome to Sue and to B.K.

A very special thank you to Andrew from the Hunter Valley Region and his sister Catherine who made this post possible by generously having the images photographed and agreeing for them to be shown on the AnArt4Life blog.

Thank you also to Imp Hung who gave her permission for the images of her work to be shown on the post.