Good Friday

Crucifix by Leopoldine Mimovich (

Throughout the Christian world, Good Friday is reserved for the solemn commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. For some, despite the current world circumstances, it is still a day to participate in centuries-old traditions, to share in communal prayer, and meditate on sacrifice and good deeds. 1

Wherever you are, whatever you have chosen to do on this day, whether you still observe religious traditions as best you can at this time or not; here on the AnArt4Life blog we would like you to take a few moments to reflect on the superhuman dedication and sacrifice being made by all those involved in saving lives at this time on our precious planet.

The list of people we need to remember and thank is endless. From everyone involved on the front line: health workers across all aspects, police and security, those engaged in aged and disabled care, teachers, child care workers, supermarket personnel, truck drivers, farmers, couriers and delivery personnel, the transport industry, politicians. Behind the scenes medical researchers throughout the world are working tirelessly to make the breakthrough. Our heartfelt thanks and prayers to you all.

Please remember them all.

Closer to home family, friends and neighbours are going that extra mental distance to come up with ways to keep in contact. Those of us who have family and friends scattered all around the world, we pray that they will be kept safe.

Photo by NASA / Unsplash


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