Embracing Digital Art

First I must clarify that there are many forms of what could be termed digital art. Many people falsely believe that digital art only refers to an image created on a computer or particularly a tablet. Not correct of course. We accept without question that photographs and videos are part of the digital art movement and have been for a long time. And now sculptures are being produced through the remarkable 3D printing machines. Is that real art? More on the latter pretty soon.

We have already touched briefly in a earlier blog on the digital manipulations occurring in the world of photography and this also applies to the creation of videos. We have looked briefly at the digital works of David Hockney and earlier Frankie O’s One Drawing a Day. So how are you feeling about the revolutionary invasion of technology into the studio?

(Credit: Evening Standard)

Now that you are on-board (hopefully) with digital art, I want to share a couple more digital artists that I think are particularly good. Today we will look at some of the works of Jeszika Le Vye an American artist who describes herself as an imaginative realist painter, combining her loves of Classical Realism with a passion for sci-fi and fantasy and produces creations such as shown in the Hero Image today, titled  Gravity and Light. And below is Peter Pan.

(Credit: ArtStation)

Jeszika Le Vye said of this image: Every month, I try to create a piece for the bird whisperer project and last month, I thought that I just wouldn't have time. But this painting had other ideas lol. The bird of the month was the silver cheeked hornbill - and as I was admiring the reference photo, this spooky figure just appeared fully formed in my imagination. The painting seemed to paint itself!(ArtStation) The above painting appeared to Le Vye almost fully realised in her mind, and she began working on it before planning a concept or narrative.  As I painted it, the piercing eyes of the boy kept bringing to mind Peter Pan, she says. I imagined this ageless child living away from reality in his own world, kept company by natural wonders and his own shadow.

I find this image of Le Vye's breathtaking as is the title: Memories that Hollow.


Le Vye's explains: For this painting, I was very focused on creating a strong composition using value structure. I had a lot of fun on the environment with this one, and I am starting to feel like all my years as an oil painter are really tying together with this new exploration in digital painting. (ArtStation)

Bait is a little more challenging!


One thing is sure- digital drawings/paintings are here to stay and are now being accepted in exhibitions in their own special category. I do have one little confession. Whilst I am fascinated by the digital world and what technology can produce, I do miss the texture oil paints can create on canvas. Now, if I can just learn to produce a painting using a 3D printer I will be happy. And then all I will have to do is spray some artificially produced oil paint odours onto my 3D textured image: then all will be well!

Tomorrow you are going to meet a Canadian digital artist Aaron Campbell who is predominantly an illustrator and concept artist.