Cloud Reactions

Do you like clouds?

Painting by John Pickup

Celebrating the glory of clouds and the memories they provoke. Exhibiting some paintings by John Pickup who is a creative expert but I especially love his clouds.

Jane has sent in her Memories of clouds.
Clouds are fascinating and I did revisit the previous blog - John Pickup does paint them wonderfully. My aunt piqued my interest in clouds when I lived in Holland in the 1970s. I was always complaining about the bleak days, no sun and always cloudy. She would say .... "ah you need to look at them closely, always moving, shapes forming and reforming, colours changing. Sometimes thick, dark and angry, other times white, wispy and magical. Which shapes can you see? A dog, cat, unicorn, ship, a face or building, a rose, even a tulip". I remember her words and developed an appreciation of their beauty - often when I’m at the beach or admiring a stunning sunset, which is usually enhanced by the presence of clouds. No wonder artists love to paint them!