Chinese Calligraphy & Painting

Xiao Lang: Watercolour on Paper Scroll (Credit:

Trevor in Canberra has just attended the exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting from the National Museum of China being presented by the National Museum of Australia from 5 April to 28 July 2019. This Australian-first exhibition explores the breadth and tradition of Chinese calligraphy and painting through artworks from the National Museum of China’s collection.

Glimpse (1985) by Xiao Lang

Most people appreciate and enjoy the delightful delicacy of traditional Chinese painting. The skillful flick of the brush to create the perfect line required in calligraphy and painting is so expressive, so engaging. Today we will take in the works of three modern Chinese artists whose works are on display at the National Museum of Modern Art, Canberra- Xiao Lang (above), Wang Naizhuang and Xie Yun (below).

Mountain, 1995, by Xie Yun. National Museum of China

At the exhibition is also part of a pictorial scroll, painted in the traditional gongbi style and representing two centuries of Chinese contact with, and migration to, Australia by the Chinese.
(Credit: National Museum of Australia)

If you follow this link you should be able to see some of the images though the website is a little difficult to follow. Make sure your curser is in the centre of the scroll image and it seems to move automatically. Click your cursor to stop the image and you can examine the scene more closely. Good luck with this!
Harvest of Endurance: History of Chinese in Australia 1788-1988

Calligraphy and painting are two treasures of traditional Chinese culture. For thousands of years artists have produced works that have sustained the practice of China’s most revered art and provided cultural nourishment for the Chinese people.(

For those of you interested specifically in Calligraphy I did manage to find one other image of a work by Xie Yun.

(Credit: Asia Art Archive)

I wasn't able to locate any substantial information on any of the Chinese artists on display at the National Museum of Australia. I did however learn that there is a strong movement in Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Art which I will showcase in a blog very soon.