Cheeky Cocky Cockies

A huge apology for the two days when you didn't receive our Art Blog into your email inbox. All is well again and we will blame the cockies!!


The sulphur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita) is a relatively large white cockatoo found in wooded habitats in Australia, and New Guinea and some of the islands of Indonesia. They can be locally very numerous, leading to them sometimes being considered pests. A highly intelligent bird, they are well known in aviculture, although they can be demanding pets.(

Yesterday Caroline showed you the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria at Cranborune and in keeping with the Australian theme I thought it a great opportunity to share my photos from my morning walk with Gypsy. A crackle of cockatoos can always be found within my neighbourhood. And they are gorgeous but very annoying if they decide they want you to do something for them- like feed their whole family--every hour on the hour--forever!! And if you don't comply they punish you by destroying your house!! Their behaviour is illustrated by the fact that there are more collective nouns for cockies than just about any other creature: you can have a chattering, clattering, cluttering, crackle, or family of cockatoos.

I've had all the putty around my kitchen windows removed by a cocky and still to this day have an interesting pattern of beak indentations around my kitchen door created by one angry cocky larrakin when I decided not to feed him anymore!!

Nevertheless they are magnificent, intelligent birds who always manage to amuse me- from a distance!!