Changing Perspectives

As we slide away from protesting and towards celebrating the festive season I thought I should unpack the mail bag.

From Trevor in Canberra I received this link to The National Gallery of Victoria which has just unveiled its 2018 Architecture Commission designed by Muir and Openwork. The installation, titled Doubleground, consists of a number of raised landscapes and zig-zagging walls through the NGV’s Grollo Equiset Garden. (

The project is an architectural realization of a digital collage, which architect Amy Muir and landscape architect Mark Jacques of Openwork created to express memories and recollection of the building.  We don’t remember architecture through plan and elevation, we only remember it through perspective, said Muir. (

Please follow the link given above to read the full description of this architectural creation which I will be visiting very soon when I go to see the ESCHER X NENDO MEETS BACH exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria.

It's all about perspective-as I keep telling my students. Whether you are working at becoming an artist, teaching children or adults, or just getting along in society- it's all about perspective!

And a plea from E in London for a weekly Sun Spot to help us rise up through those long dark January and February weeks leading to Spring?! I’m sure Chris of Kent and Chris of New York would appreciate this inclusion also. I just won’t include a Sun Spot when here in Downunder we hit over 40!

Sun Spot for Northern Hemisphere Subscribers for this Week


This beautiful warm painting is A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande by French painter and draftsman Georges-Pierre Seurat (1859-1891). A perfect choice for our first Sun Spot. A lovely gentle sun warming the elegant Sunday promenaders accompanied by their puppy dogs. No better way to spend an afternoon!