Central Asia - Kazakhstan - Almaty Metro

A mural at one metro station in Almaty Photo: Jane

As I mentioned in my first post on Kazakhstan I had a chance to use the Metro in Almaty. I was very impressed - clean and efficient with trains arriving every 10-15 mins. Air conditioned as well, a bonus in the long, hot summers.

The Almaty Metro was opened on 1 December 2011, after more than 23 years of construction. It is only 11.3km in length but a joy to travel on with each station beautifully adorned with murals.

The metro system became the second metro in Central Asia, after the Tashkent Metro in Uzbekistan, which I visited later in the tour.

The elegant metro in Almaty: an apple tree in stained glass, marble floors, mosaic walls and art works, a few boys chatting. Photos: Jane

If you would like to learn a little more about these attractive stations and admire some fabulous photos of them, check out Nicole's blog on the bookmark below.

A Tour Though The Almaty Metro
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As I toured the Almaty Metro Stations, I recalled visiting the the Moscow Metro way back in 2006 - the most famous and fabulous stations of them all - tune in for a post tomorrow.