Rowdy Wylie Inspired by Jane's Travels in Central Asia

Hi there everyone, regular subscribers will be familiar with the travel posts written by Jane - AnArt4Life team member - and passionate traveller of the beautiful little planet called Earth.
You will also be familiar with the wonderful paintings by AnArt4Life team member - Rowdy Wylie. Rowdy has been so impressed with Jane's travel posts that he was inspired to create a painting based on Jane's trip through Central Asia - specifically on the remote and mountainous landscapes.

And so into The Shed went Rowdy and with his beloved palette knife and favourite colours worked on a scene from one of Jane's photos taken in Central Asia.

Rowdy tells us:

Just had to paint this one… I think the inspiration was the location and remoteness… the atmospheric light and the blue/purple colours of the distant mountains…

All being highlighted by the “huge open sky”… filled with the movement of “lively” clouds…

This is a magnificent scene…. I believe Jane took the photo through the bus window while on tour??

And here is Jane's photo ...

Jane wrote:

It was an excellent road back to Bishkek and in fact follows what once was the Silk Road - from the Chinese border through the north-eastern part of Kyrgyzstan and then into Kazakhstan.

Those camel caravans, though would have seen the same ever changing landscapes, lakes, gushing streams, fields and always on the horizon the majestic mountains that define Kyrgyzstan.

After Jane's post went up online we had some Comments Chatter which went like this...

Hi Jane..... A marvellous post on Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan.... Amazing photo's of your journey & the story about the local culture.... The YouTube - Kyrgyzstan Music is absolutely incredible... what an experience!!.... I really like your photo of the remote Kyrgyzstan landscape... highlighting the "green" foreground fields... leading the "eye" into the distant purplish / blue coloured "majestic mountains"... & finally viewing the "huge" cloud laiden skies... A landscape "scene" seeking to be "re-produced" in oil paint on a canvass!!... Tremendous colours!!! Jane your world expeditions are pure "gold" many thanks for sharing .... Rowdy..**

Hi Rowdy, I’m so pleased you are enjoying these posts. Your in-depth comments through an artist's eye on the photos, bring them all to life again. It’s a privilege to share my adventures with others. There’s lots more to come! Jane

Gidday Jane. I think Rowdy said it all. So I've nothing to add except to reiterate that the photo of the green fields leading the eye to the distant mountains with the wonderful colour and those amazing clouds were a highlight. Thank you for taking us to a place we will never physically go to. Oh, and yes, I did watch the music video. An acquired taste but nonetheless interesting and enjoyable. Hartland Stephen COOK

Thanks Hartland, I’m sure I took that photo from the bus while we were travelling! I usually delete 19 out of 20, but gratifying when I score a good one. I know what you mean about the music, but the costumes were beautiful and great to see traditional instruments being used, it takes quite some skill. 😀 Jane

Here is Rowdy's painting close up...

“The Majestic Mountains of Kyrgyzstan” (Central Asia - "The Silk Trade Route" 2023) by John "Rowdy" Wylie

Painting Details:
Title: “The Majestic Mountains of Kyrgyzstan”
(Central Asia – “The Silk Trade Route”…2023)
Medium: Oil on Timber Board – Framed
Size: H30cms x W90cms
Date: 2024
Additional Details: Painted from a photo taken by Jane – AnArt4Life – Blog 2023

Rowdy nearly always frames his paintings using pre-loved frames he buys from the local Op-Shop and restores them to a professional finish.

Framed: “The Majestic Mountains of Kyrgyzstan” (Central Asia - "The Silk Trade Route" 2023) by John "Rowdy" Wylie

If you would like to check out Jane's post which inspired Rowdy please follow the link below.

Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan has few natural resources and as a consequence the country is not as wealthy and has little international investment. What it does have are fabulous mountain ranges and glaciers, a proud history.

And tomorrow you can join Jane as she takes you on her recent trip around a small part of India. And maybe this will inspire Rowdy to create another painting.