Bonny Scotland and the painting by Ian Morrison, Alberto Morrocco and David McClure

I have been visiting Scotland, a country which I love for the remarkable, breathtaking scenery and wonderful people. I've been travelling around the islands and there will be some posts to share but in the meantime I am reminded of the story of a painting I wrote about some time back.

Please first read the story below in a past post and then I will catch you up with the latest news.

Missing part of “Broughty Ferry Harbour, Dundee” by Ian Morrison, Alberto Morrocco and David McClure
In 1964 art student Ian Morrison sketched a composition for the “Broughty Ferry Harbour, Dundee”. His tutors were Alberto Morrocco and David McClure. The 3 men created the painting together but we are looking for a missing part to the image. Perhaps you can help.

One of the wonderful benefits of writing a blog is that you get to correspond with lots of people from around the world and with very different backgrounds. This is why we love writing and sending out the nearly daily posts. You the subscribers and followers make it all worthwhile with the richness of your own stories.

Early in 2022 I was contacted by Dave Morrison who is the son of the Ian Morrison who was painting the Broughty Ferry, Dundee in 1964 when, as I understand, along came Alberto Morrocco and David McClure, artists who were also tutors of Ian Morrison.

As you would have read in the past post above, Morrocco and McClure added in some more details to the painting.

Dave Morrison contact me hoping that I might know more about his father's painting and importantly - did I know where the original painting was now hanging. Dave was writing a book about his father and wanted to include an image of the original painting especially as he believed that part of the painting had been "cut off" when it was being photographed for a catalogue photo.

More than a year has passed since I corresponded with Dave Morrison. And then into the AnArt4Life mailbox arrived the following email from Alistair whom I assume lives in Scotland but to be honest I am not sure.

The wonderful news is that Alistair owns Broughty Ferry Harbour, Dundee as painted by Ian Morrison, Alberto Morrocco and David McClure.

Alistair wrote:

I have just stumbled upon your post about the triple attributed Broughty Ferry pic. I am able to advise you that Mr Morrison's son is ill informed or misremembering: the catalogue photo has not been cropped or reduced but shows the full picture which, I am delighted to write, has been hanging on my walls giving me pleasure daily since I bought it.

Broughty Ferry Harbour, Dundee by Ian Morrison, Alberto Morrocco & David McClure

And here is the catalogue image of Broughty Ferry Harbour, Dundee as painted by Ian Morrison, Alberto Morrocco and David McClure sent to me by Dave Morrison. If you look very carefully you will see that the far right side of the painting has indeed been cropped - just a tiny slice - but to an artist a tiny slice is important. And so the story continues.

Alistair added in his email to me that the painting is in a rather poor frame which I'm reluctant to mess about with but it may be the case that half an inch to an inch of the painting is obscured by the frame at either end.

And so who do we blame for omitting the tiny slice? The photographer perhaps??? My guess is that the photographer, in wanting to get a close up especially of the birds, accidentally lost in the image a little of the building on the right hand side.

And so as I wander around the Scottish islands, taking in the magnificent scenery and chatting with the delightful locals, I am reminded of how lucky we are to have the modern technological means to be able to communicate around the world in the matter of seconds and share these amazing stories.

Of course, there are some places on Earth, not to mention any specifically, where WiFi isn't all that reliable but then who needs it when there is incredible wildlife to see, magnificent ancient ruins from a time often long forgotten, mouth watering fresh food to eat and not to forget the occasional dram of whisky.....

What now really upsets me is that with my limited knowledge of modern technology - especially as it relates to messages on FB - I have also (a little like the photographer) deleted my communication with Dave Morrison. And so I can't tell him the wonderful news that we have found his father's painting.

If there is anyone out there in the ether who knows Dave Morrison (son of the Scottish artist Ian Morrison) please ask him to email me at [email protected].