Birds through the lens of Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh lives in the bush of Central Victoria and loves to photograph the amazing wildlife that abounds in this area. As Bird Week 2020 draws to a close we will leave you with these magnificent photos taken by Patrick in Moolort Plains Central Victoria

Moolort Plains ©Patrick Kavanagh
Flame Robin ©Patrick Kavanagh
Welcome Swallow ©Patrick Kavanagh
Brown Falcon ©Patrick Kavanagh
Wedge Tail Eagle ©Patrick Kavanagh
Horsefield's Bushlark ©Patrick Kavanagh
Zebra Finches ©Patrick Kavanagh
Moolort Plains ©Patrick Kavanagh

We thank Patrick for permission to share these wonderful photos. I'm itching to travel to beautiful Central Victoria. If you would like to see further photos of Patrick's travels around Australia, including the fabulous macro photographs of insects, please click here.