Bicycles & a little more from a Subscriber


It seems wheels and bicycles are a fascination for many. For J of Sandringham the blog on Wheel Art brought back a happy experience in Florence, Italy in 2014. This is her Blog posting.

Travelling with a girlfriend their quest was to find a painter – Luca Rafanelli - whom some Sydney friends had discovered a few years earlier in the backstreets of Florence, on the same side of the River Arno as the Pitti Palace.

J found a blog link below – Luca still includes bicycles and often umbrellas – these days it seems he has adopted red for the umbrellas. I have chosen three of his paintings to show you. Check out the link for more paintings.

Luca  Rafanelli's business card is hand drawn and of course features and bicycle and umbrella.  

At home J has a sculpture of a bicycle, dating back to the 1980's by Andy Williamson, a Sydney artist. Her sister has another two of his sculptures.

Perhaps you have an interesting photo or picture featuring wheels or bicycles? Please send them in to [email protected].

Thank you J of Sandringham for your contribution to the ArtBlog. And now we are off back to Barcelona to be entertained at Els Quatre Gats. I am sure we will meet a pianist and a few directors. And some other shadowy figures!  

All photos unless otherwise stated are Jane's.