Wheel Art

I have returned home from my time in the bush watching a member of my family participate in cycling races while at the same time sketching and thinking about the place of Bicycles in Art. There can be little doubt that bicycles are dearly loved by a large number of people around the world and have been part of our lives for the last two hundred years. So how do they fit into the world of art?

The machine and its many manifestations is a work of art starting with the very first bicycle which was really a Running Machine invented in 1817 by the German Barn Karl von Drais.

The Running machine did have a typical bicycle frame and two wheels, but it was propelled by walking as opposed to peddling.

From then on everyone seems to have claimed to be the first to invent the pedal driven cycle. I have chosen to show you the design of the Frenchman *Pierre Lallement's 1866 cycle with the pedals attached to the front wheel.

Arthur was married and a father within a year of this photo being taken and named his daughter (my mother) Albena after his bicycle!

And to prove how good bike riding is for you. My aunt lived to be 101 and her friend driving turned 110 last month!!

And several Veledrome Moments.

The Hero Image today is a slice from my latest painting for children or the young at heart- Down Town.