Travelling Life's Highways

Many of the AnArt4Life blog posts feature in some way the theme of Travelling Life's Highways. 

Have you caught up with Jane's travels through Central Asia? Did you see my own posts on the cruise I was able to take this year around the islands off the Scottish coast?

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But often travelling life's highways is much closer and far more challenging closer to home. Some of our very dear subscribers to the AnArt4Life blog have been travelling the health highway this past year and we send our love and prayers to them, trusting that they will see a smoother road ahead.

Also many of our subscribers and on-line community have been deeply affected by the wars which have erupted in several places this past year. Again, our heart felt sympathy goes out to everyone connected to these devastating situations. We pray with you for peaceful solutions to be found where we all begin to learn how to communicate more effectively with each other and work towards sharing this beautiful little planet with each other, no matter how different our backgrounds might be.

Our dear friend and blog team member, the Late John Pickup OAM once created a painting titled Travelling Life's Highways.

Travelling Life's Highway by John Pickup OAM

Do look very carefully at the image and you will see a little human figure struggling up the mountain to reach the top and to journey on in the car waiting above to take him or her to the next adventure.

The more I looked over John's paintings which I have come to know so well I realised that this message is contained in many of his works. John's passion for Don Quixote endorses this theme of the struggles we all encounter on our everyday travels.

Come travelling with John Pickup OAM and Don Quixote

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© John Pickup OAM made a wonderful contribution to the AnArt4Life for over four years and we are so privileged that he gave his permission to share the images of his paintings so that others could enjoy his remarkable ability to capture the essence of the Australian landscape in all its forms and the characters who call it home.