The Leopard

Leopold in the Serengeti, Tanzania Photo: Jane

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Albert was very disappointed he hadn’t found a cheetah or a leopard for me. On my final morning we left the lodge early as some of the guides had spotted one of each. Thankfully I was all packed up and we took off at great speed, first to the cheetah which alluded us once again, however the leopard was easy to spot lazing in a tree with a very full belly - as you can see what a beauty!

Leopold in the Serengeti, Tanzania Photo: Jane

I was thrilled and Albert had a big smile as we headed to the air strip. Just a concrete building with no officials, but can you believe there is free wifi available while we wait for our airborne taxi service.

Departure lounge, Lamai; Airborne taxi; Flying over the landscape and the mighty Mara River; Arriving at Tarime. Photos: Jane

The pilot checks my name off the list, throws my bag into a luggage hopper and we are off to the Tanzanian border point of Tarime, for my onward journey to Masaai Mara in Kenya.