The Glory of the Morning Suffolk Coast

Sunrise over the Suffolk Coast (Photo: E in London)

AnArt4Life subscriber send in these glorious photographs she took of the Winter sun rising over the Suffolk Coastline in England. I was so inspired that I decided to write a little poem to match the images.

Sunrise over the Suffolk Coast (Photo: E in London)

I titled the poem Dawn's Embrace: Sunrise Over the English Coast ...

Sunrise over the Suffolk Coast (Photo: E in London)

And it goes like this:

As dawn breaks on England's shore,
Golden rays kiss the ocean floor.
The sky aglow with hues of pink and gold,
Nature's masterpiece does gently unfold.

Birds take flight with joyful song,
As morning light begins to prolong.
The waves whisper secrets to the sand,
Painting dreams upon the land.

The cliffs stand tall, majestic and proud,
Silhouetted against the morning shroud.
Seagulls dance in the vibrant light,
A breathtaking scene, a pure delight.

With each new dawn, a promise is made,
Of hope and possibility, never to fade.
Oh, sunrise over the English coast,
In your beauty, our hearts are engrossed.

Sunrise over the Suffolk Coast (Photo: E in London)

And now for the truth ... the poem was written in 30 seconds by an AI App which is quite astounding and I am sure will open up many comments.

If you would like to submit your own poem in response to these wonderful images please send them in.

And now for an authentic poet's words on:

by the Australian poet A.B. "Banjo" Paterson

Grey dawn on the sandhills - the night wind has drifted
All night from the rollers a scent of the sea;
With the dawn the grey fog his battalions has lifted,
At the scent of the morning they scatter and flee.

Like mariners calling the roll of their number
The sea fowl put out to the infinite deep.
And far overhead - sinking softly to slumber -
Worn out by their watching, the stars fall asleep.

To eastward where resteth the dome of the skies on
The sea line stirs softly the curtain of night;
And far from behind the enshrouded horizon
Comes the voice of a God saying, "Let there be light."

An lo, there is light! Evanescent and tender,
It glows ruby-red where 'twas now ashen grey;
And purple and scarlet and gold in its splendour -
Behold, 'tis that marvel, the birth of a day!

(Credit: The Lone Hand, 1 August 1814

I know which poem I prefer but very interested in your comments especially about the images - isn't that sunrise just magnificent. Which is your favourite image? The bold and beautiful like the first or the subtle and reflective as seen in the last?

And E in London's beautiful photographs act as a perfect segue to a new and very talented artist you will meet tomorrow who is also in love with the sea and paints what I have termed visual poems.