Past Post: No 13 August 2018: Margaret Olley: Remarkable Artist, Beloved Australian Treasure

Wonderful news this morning - we welcome a new subscriber JJ in the UK. I have been thinking very much about our English subscribers and my English relatives and friends as I was supposed to be holidaying in London this week. I was of course planning to post all kinds of delicious offerings from the London galleries which I'll now have to do through a virtual tour.

Our special wishes to everyone in the UK and especially to my cousins and friends: love and best wishes from DownUnder.

There is no better way to embrace today than through the life and works of the most generous and talented Australian artist - the late Margaret Olley.

Margaret Olley, photographed by Greg Weight, 2011 (1)

I believe that there is no artist who has been more loved and admired in Australia than Margaret Olley.

Back in 2018 Jane and I wrote some posts on Margaret and her wonderful paintings and today we share these with you.

Ben Quilty and Margaret Olley
In 2011 Ben Quilty won Australia’s most prestigious prize for portraiture with his painting of artist Margaret Olley. Image:
Margaret Olley
Margaret Olley (born 24 June 1923; died 26 July 2011) was a larger than life character who dominated the art scene in Sydney for more than 50 years. Enjoy a stroll through her life and works. (Image:
Margaret Olley - Home and Studio
Margaret Olley lived in Paddington, a converted hat factory and adjoining terrace house. Suffering from ill health in her latter years, she spent a lot of time at home, continuing to paint prolifically, usually from compositions she created there. Credit: my own photo.