Mother's Day

Mother's Day
By Jan Beaumont ©️

It's time to remember our Mother today
That person so loved by us all
A person who always stood there by our side
In those years we were helpless and small.

As children we knew she was wiser than most
And we loved all those stories she'd tell
She'd always be there and she'd wipe away tears
As she comforted us when we fell.

Then as we got older she still had our backs
She'd always be there in a hurry
A fight with our siblings, the heartbreaks we had,
She would hug us and say "Don't you worry."

When we reached adulthood with kids of our own
Her help and advice were still there
Her kindness and knowledge inspired us as well
She was always a breath of fresh air.

But time waits for no one and now all we have
Is the memory of our best friend
The one whom we loved and will never forget
She was there for us, right to the end.

So today, raise a glass, drink a toast to your Mum
We'd give anything for her embrace
If it wasn't for her, none of us would be here,
That one we can never replace.

Jan Beaumont is a New Zealand poet therefore it is appropriate to accompany her Mother's Day sentiments with paintings by a New Zealander. Frances Mary Hodgkins (1869-1947) was a New Zealand painter chiefly of landscape and still life, and for a short period was a designer of textiles. She was born and raised in New Zealand, but spent most of her working life in England. She is considered one of New Zealand's most prestigious and influential painters, although it is the work from her life in Europe, rather than her home country, on which her reputation rests.1

Click here to see more art works by Frances Hodgkins.

Frances Hodgkins painted many images of mothers and their children. Here is a selection for you to enjoy and appreciate and perhaps reflect upon.

Credit: (4)

And these two paintings of a mother and child are specifically titled:
Breton Mother and Child (left) and Belgian Mother and Child.

Today take a moment to pause and reflect on the sacrifices many mothers have made to give their children the best life possible.

Thank You Mum