More paintings for My House Exhibition

This section of My Favourite House Paintings Exhibition is dedicated to images that are non-traditional.

We will start, of course, with the master of the non-traditional art, Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), showcasing his cubist Houses on the Hill. What the viewer sees is multiple perspectives on the scene, with a stockpile of geometrical forms making up the composition. There are recognisable house shapes to assist your brain in recognising the concept being conveyed of a group of houses on a hill.

Houses on the Hill by Picasso (

Also with a geometric bent are the works of Canadian artist Andy Woolridge (1949-) who has said: "I treat my canvas like a stage set, with simplified shapes and forms, deliberately placed to produce an artificial landscape. I try to convey the feeling we have when watching the curtain rise in a darkened theatre auditorium, when, for that brief moment, we suspend disbelief and allow ourselves to be transported into an alternative reality." (

This oil painting is titled Night Visit to Kingsport.

Night Visit to Kingsport by Andy Woolridge (

I will definitely invite Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte (1898-1967) to lend us his Three Houses with Sunset. Magritte became well known for creating a number of witty and thought-provoking images. His work is known for challenging preconditioned perceptions of reality, so do take time to study this image very carefully. His imagery has influenced pop, minimalist and conceptual art.

Three Houses with Sunset by René Magritte (

Expressionism and the Abstract Art Movement will be well represented in our exhibition by Russian Wassily Kandinsky (1886-1944) who is considered to be the first of the Abstract Art Painters. I have chosen Houses in Murnau on Obermark. Please note how important colour has now become in preference to shape.

Houses in Murnau on Obermark by Wassily Kandinsky (

I can't remember if I have mentioned the Group of Seven in the Blog. Lawren Harris (1885-1970) was a member of this early C20th Canadian group of artists and we will look at their work along the way. Harris's style would be classified across the movements of Art Nouveau, Abstract and Modernism. I particularly like his Grey Day in Town painting.

Grey Day in Town by Lawren Harris (

I'll just slide in one of Lawrence Lowry's (1887-1976) paintings of a house: specifically The Derelict House. Delightful, poignant. If you have been reading my blog you will know how much I delight in Lowry's works and take any opportunity to show you some of his creations.

The Derelict House by L.S.Lowry (

I have one little space left in this section of my exhibition so I'm going to use it for a couple of digital works done by Korean/US concept artist Tae Young Choi.

Tae Young Choi (

Tae is a genius at capturing digital environments, and he is also talented at illustrating a given concept for an image to meet client specifications. His imagery fuses dystopian sci-fi and classical mysticism, but he’s also capable of warm, lovingly crafted portraits beyond the laser fire and futuristic characters. (

Tae Young Choi (

My Favourite Paintings of Houses has now come to an end but I will return in the future to look at windows and not doubt to look through windows into the interiors of houses.