Monet in The Netherlands

The influence of the Dutch artists over hundreds of years is immeasurable, and extends far beyond the popular interest in the remarkable Vincent van Gogh and his paintings.

Closer to home, as you may be aware, two of our blog team, Caroline and Jane, have Dutch heritage, with their parents born in The Netherlands before later coming to Australia.

We have written a number of posts which feature Holland or Dutch artists. If you like, you can revisit some of them via our Tag cloud by clicking here.

But in one of these, Caroline’s post about tulips, click here, she reminds us that Monet spent 10 days painting in the Netherlands.

We hope you enjoy Monet’s perspective of typical Dutch scenes, via this video from Arts&Emotions, called Monet in The Netherlands…….

Late Mail

Today we welcome D.G. in Australia - our newest subscriber to the AnArt4Life blog. Writing an art blog is proving to be an exciting way to connect people around the world - all with a shared interest in art in its many forms.

If you would like to share something from the world of art please write an email to [email protected] and we will post your contribution in our monthly mailbag.


  1. With thanks to Arts&Emotions for sharing their videos with us.