Mail and a Little More

Before we get onto our mail I do want to explain the reason for the white letter box. I have been staying near Lord's Cricket Ground and last week when the test match was on, as I passed a post box, to my horror it was being painted white in honour of the cricket!! Is nothing sacred!!

Jane, Caroline and I love receiving mail from our subscribers. Julie of Melbourne sent us this wonderful email in response to the Leaf Art created by Omid Asadi and the wonderful Botanical Art of Philippa Nulinsky.

Julie says:

Thank you for this, I think the leaf art is just incredible!  What amazing   
patience and skill Omid Asadi and Philippa Nikulinsky both have in their 
respective art forms!  The minute detail is just incredible!

Thank you so much, I am loving learning about people and skills and 
interpretations of the world that I never knew existed! It’s just great to have 
your horizons expanded in this way!  There is so much doom and gloom and 
depressing news in our world, its uplifting to realise that it is still an 
amazing place, if you just look for it!

And thank you Julie for responding to our blogs which we love writing but we also love hearing responses from the subscribers. Keep this conversation going. Let us know with a short email which blogs you like the best, or let us know about new art we might not know about. Let's keeping the doom and gloom away as much as we can by talking all things art.

And speaking of art- doesn't Jane make a lovely artistic composition with Hans Christian Anderson. I wonder if he realises she will be off in a flash on another tour and he will have to polish that long cape himself!

And speaking of Jane, tomorrow we will return to learn more about gold through Jane's Ballarat Experiences. In the meantime, I will share some images of life in London as seen through my eyes.

I am going for a walk each morning in Regent's Park past the London Zoo so camels in the park (or at least alongside) is the norm. A train covered in ants much to my delight! And yes, we might have lost the red post box but the telephone box is alive and well and still in use!!!

Many examples of street art as one walks around the parks and city.

And to my delight the art work on the staircase to the toilets in a local cafe was fabulous.

Thanks to Jane I was introduced to the Wallace Collection- so diverse, so many famous artists represented and to my delight I found some David Teniers (1610-1690) a Flemish artist whom I particularly like.

And the Wallace Collection had a display of their vast array of shoes.

London is definitely alive and well and remains full of flair.