John Pickup OAM: The Artist

Yesterday we read about John Pickup receiving an OAM for his work in broadcasting and today we bring you his latest painting.

The Ever Moving Sea by John Pickup

The above painting was created by John, 88 years of age, over the past few weeks.

If you missed the post on John's broadcasting career please follow the link below.

John Pickup OAM
Bringing you the news that John Pickup received an Order of Australia in the 2020 Australia Day Honours. The award was granted in recognition of John’s service to the world of broadcasting. Here is a summary of his broadcasting career.

We know John Pickup as an artist - the last surviving member of the Brushmen of the Bush. Here are some past posts from the anArt4Life blog showcasing some of his paintings.

John Pickup: Water and much, much more
John Pickup - the last of the Brushmen of the Bush. John’s mastery of clouds and water and the interrelationships between them is exemplified in the painting above.
John Pickup leads us into colour
Showcasing some paintings by john Pickup including Bird’s Eye View of the Jubilee Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, London (1977); The Approach of Mary Magdalene; Bliss in the Outback.
John Pickup Brings Don Quixote to the Australian Outback
John Pickup often displays a whimsical perspective on life as seen in his series on Don Quixote. John, with his ingenious creativity, perceptualised this 17thC Spanish character in Outback Australia.
John Pickup says: Reports of My Demise are Premature and Unfounded
John Pickup- a member of the iconic group of artists known as the Brushmen of the Bush. With the death on Friday 22 March 2019 of Jack Absalom John Pickup is now the last surviving member of the Brushman of the Bush.
John Pickup: I love a sunburnt country...Of drought and flooding rains
Remembrance of rivers & creeks & fascination with the way the ocean moves is a feature of the oeuvre of John Pickup. Darwin-the inspiration to the painting ‘Build up to the Wet’. Queensland where water is more than plentiful; where the rivers run deep and strong
Nat Buchanan & Australian Stock Routes through the eyes and hands of John Pickup
Nathaniel Buchanan (1826-1901) an Australian pastoralist, drover & explorer who opened up stock routes. Born in Dublin of Scottish descent he came to Australia in 1832. He was part owner with his two brothers of Bald Blair station. Bringing you paintings of Nat Buchanan by John Pickup.
Unbridled Vehicles
Australian artist John Pickup brings beauty to vehicles in the outback of Australia. Including The 1927 Dream Machine, King Air on Finals, Travelling Life’s Highway, Mulga Bill and his Bicycle.