Ivon Oates: Dorset Artist

Thanks to subscriber Trevor of Canberra I have been introduced to Dorset artist Ivon Oates.

Ivon Oates’s multi-disciplinary approach incorporates new media with fine arts and architectural/landscape design. Her exploration of a plastic aural architecture sculpted by the listening ear and open to us all, has informed recent work, ranging from intensive field recordings in locations of imaginative and environmental significance to site-specific installations of sound-led video compositions. Methodologically, she enjoys working collaboratively exploring the creative dynamic between the personal and wider context, including non-western cultural traditions.(ivonoates.com)

Today I am going to show you Closer to the Wind which was made by Ivon Oates in collaboration with Graham Neilson, ship’s designer.

This single screen five channel sound installation was shown during the b-side mutli media festival during the Weymouth Olympics 2012.

The video and soundwork is a portrait of an archetypal partnership -a man and a tallship, The Pelican, at Weymouth. This inspirational tale explores the enterprise and vision of its story which has enhanced the lives of many, especially of young people and their development.

The tallship is a living metaphor of the ‘wanderer’, negotiating entrances and exits, boundaries and portals, especially of the extents of human imagination. A sail filling as the wind unravels it, sucking water against a steel hull, ropes creaking around bronze bollards, each handmade detail resonant with the history of its tradition; this sound and visual piece celebrates the synthesis of creative ideation and ‘knowledge of the hand’.

‘The Pelican’ is now based in Weymouth. (ivonoates.com)

And are you into Whelks? Had you thought of making them into a creative work of art? No? Well Ivon Oates has made a video about whelks!

And for another perspective on the artist view of Ivon Oates please watch this video.

Ivon Oates does make Creative Sound Works but unfortunately I haven't the skills in formatting the blog to show you these. However, if you are interested please follow this link.

There are more Sound Works to be found on the website for Ivon Oates.

Ivon Oates certainly brings a very different perspective to our blog.