Halloween 2021

Photograph: Victoria Lipov/Shutterstock.com (timeout.com) 

It's that time of year again and the children in our village are getting excited about our Halloween Party especially as this weekend those of us who live in Melbourne are coming out of the longest lockdown experienced by any other place in the world.

We have lots of children in our court and it will be a wonderful sight to see them playing together- different ages, racial backgrounds and religions. And those of us who are still children at heart are equally excited!! And my world will be beginning to feel right again.

So first of all some ideas for decorating your garden! I think this design is very tasteful.

(Credit: ofdesign)

Though this looks more like my backyard!

(Credit: Ahtapot Home Decoration)

And I'm definitely going to start on one of these tonight and might have it finished by Oct 31st, 2029!

(Small Garden Ideas)

One of the blog supporters already trims a bush in her front garden to look like Thomas the Tank Engine so I expect to see the fellow on the left appearing at her home!

(Credit: Garden Ideas and Outdoor Decor)

But perhaps you would prefer something inside to hang on your wall. This image is by Tom Shropshire.

Halloween Dare by Tom Shropshire (Credit: Fine Art America)

What about Van Gogh's Starry Night - Halloween Style!

(Credit: Pinot's Palette)

But my favourite Halloween paintings by far are by Debbie Criswell whom I have just discovered.

Halloween Eve by Debbie Criswell (Credit: Fine Art America)

Halloween Hay Ride by Debbie Criswell (Credit: Fine Art America)

Trick or Treat by Debbie Criswell (Credit: Fine Art America)

Here on the AnArt4Life we are thinking very much of community and we wish you all A Very Happy Weekend......

And if you do celebrate Halloween - Have a Wonderful Evening with Friends and Family and ............................................................

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Don't Eat Too Many Lollies!!''''''''''''''''''''''

And looking back to Halloween in 2018 I found mail from A&R in Oakleigh, Victoria but who were visiting in the UK at this time. Definitely a Halloween flavour to this image.

Staying back in Australia - in northern New South Wales - artist John Pickup has sent in images of the remakarble bat flower that grows in his daughters' garden.

Late Mail

It is always a special day when we get new subscribers - especially when they come from different ends of our world. A very warm welcome to the AnArt4Life blog to M.G.T in Ireland and Dan in Colorado. We are delighted that you have joined our on-line community.