Fashion Shoes

The Big Wash by Anne Newman ©

How often do we think about shoes?? Some of us do so every day and sometimes several times a day. When we were young many of us teetered around on stiletto heels and now rue that period very much!! And some of us continue to wear our favourite shoes even when doing the washing!!

Therefore, in spite of the pain, we are going ahead to celebrate the Fashion Shoe - in fact the top of the list - the Italian Fasion Shoe!

Walking around on precarious platforms is not new!! Some of our ancestors, those that could afford shoes that is, also teetered around risking their lives in the name of fashion!! I think you will enjoy the site below.

These Chopines Weren’t Made for Walking: Precarious Platforms for Aristocratic Feet
“They were beyond extravagant, and they weren’t for clumping in the mud.“From the Chinese tradition of lotus shoes for bound feet to the 20th-century stil...

Late Mail

I am sitting in the Singapore Changi Airport waiting for my connecting flight home to Melbourne and checking my mail I discover we have a new subscriber join up to the AnArt4Life blog. Welcome aboard J.V. in North Carolina we are delighted to have you as part of our on-line community.