December 2023 Mailbag No 2

Letter box Photo: Anne Newman

I've been up in northern New South Wales visiting my brother and taking in the magnificent scenery of Bundjalung Country where he lives. I saw the letter box (above) while out walking and couldn't resist as it is a beauty!!

And what is even more beautiful is my brother's garden which he has devoted a good part of his life to creating. Never forget that Mother Nature is the best artist and when assisted with the magical knowledge and hands of people like my brother a garden can burst forth as a most wonderful living gallery.

I will be doing some posts to showcase his garden but here are a few images as a teaser to show you just what is in store for you.

My brother's garden in Northern New South Wales, Australia Photos: Anne Newman

And now from the other side of the world in Kolkata, West Bengal Soumya Kundu has sent in his new painting for us to appreciate and enjoy. The painting is of Dr C.V. Ananda Bose, the Governor of West Bengal.

Dr C.V. Ananda Bose, Governor of West Bengal by Soumya Kundu 

Soumya was invited to join the Governor in a program commemorating the State of West Bengal Foundation Day and was able to present the painting to the Governor.

Soumya Kundu with Dr C.V. Ananda Bose, Governor of West Bengal

I am sure it was a grand affair and we congratulate Soumya on this wonderful recognition of his work.

Soumya Kundu

Back in Melbourne, Bruce sent in a couple of fabulous photos of our beautiful city by night - taken from Southgate along the Yarra River.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia by night Photo: Bruce

And the final mailbag item for the year of 2023 features some chooks! I snapped these images of prints which hang in my brother's home. The artist was Joseph Williamson Ludlow, a British artist born in 1840.

Poultry prints by Joseph Williamson Ludlow Photo: Anne Newman

I find these prints quite delightful especially the one at the bottom of Bantams!! If anyone knows anything about Joseph Williamson Ludlow please get in contact with me using the email icon at the top of the post.

And so we commenced the Mailbag post with a rooster on top of a letter box and we conclude with chooks and a goodbye for today from a bush turkey!!

Bush Turkey Photo: Anne Newman