Colours of an Ancient Landscape with Rowdy Wylie Part 3

In his shed in Port Elliot in South Australia John "Rowdy" Wylie has been very busy working on three paintings to express the emotional impact the recent trip to the Flinders Ranges had on his artistic mind.

Paintings of the Flinders Ranges by Rowdy Wylie ©

Today Rowdy and I join to unveil upclose paintings that are thick in the rich colours of this ancient and spiritual land where if you stand still and listen you can hear the sounds from millions of years ago.

The first painting is: Land of Dreamtime, Oil on Canvas, H60cm x W75cm.

Land of Dreamtime by Rowdy Wylie ©

Below is a section of Land of Dreamtime enlarged so that you can see both the rich, bold colours and the intricate brush patterns that combine to form the textured landscape.

A section from Land of Dreamtime by Rowdy Wylie ©

The second painting is: Colours of Millennia, Oil on Canvas, H60cm x W75cm.

As Rowdy described it: lots of bright, warm colours to highlight our ancient, beautifully parched sunburnt land that flows across plateaus, deserts and ranges.

Colours of Millennia by Rowdy Wylie ©

And the third is Indigenous Monument, Oil on Canvas, H60cm x W75cm.

Again, Rowdy has captured the outback with passion and integrity and I do like the inclusion of the road symbolising the road travelled by so many from the First Nations People to the early European settlers and now tourists and artists seeking to be part of this amazing landscape and its history.

Indigenous Monument by Rowdy Wylie ©

To conclude a special note from Rowdy Wylie who loves his country and wants everyone to be part of his journey especially our international subscribers. Australia is a big country with an immense landscape under an even larger sky - come on this journey with us back in time.

Tomorrow's post will be brought to you in recognition of Naidoc Week where here in Australia we celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.