Jaffa and Israeli artist Ilana Goor

Ilana Goor Museum - Jaffa (Credit: Wikipedia)

During my visit to Israel I visited Jaffa. Located just 2 kms away from the young city of Tel Aviv in Israel, is the ancient port city of Jaffa. Archaeological digs and ancient papyrus documents mention that it existed as a seaport more than 4,000 years ago. Cedars from Lebanon to build King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem came in through Jaffa!

Because only small ships could enter the port’s narrow entrance, over time Jaffa ceased to function as a trading harbor and fell into disrepair until a rebirth in recent years. Wandering through the small atmospheric laneways it’s easy to imagine traders arriving by sea, transferred their goods to camel caravans, destined for Cairo, Jerusalem, Damascus, Baghdad and beyond. 1

A highlight was discovering the Ilana Goor Museum, perched on the hill, with panoramic views overlooking the port of Jaffa and back to modern Tel Aviv.

The building (as shown in the first image on this post), is over 280 years old and originally served as a Jewish inn for pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Ilana Goor purchased the building as her home and to display her own artworks and a huge collection or art and artefacts from around the world. 2

During renovations unusual ceilings embedded with clay pitchers were discovered - the beehive appearance makes a fascinating backdrop to some of the art - as you can see below.

Ilana Goor is a world-renowned artist born in Tiberius with no formal studies and developed her own artistic techniques from an early age.

Her work eclectic and unusual encompassing sculptures, furniture, lighting, practical implements, jewellery and fashion items which have been exhibited in Israel and around the world. Gosh she is one talented lady!

Ilana Goor - painting displayed in her gallery (my own photo)

It was with a sense of discovery I wound my way up, down and around the rabbit warren of rooms.

The Museum’s rooms present a different world of artistic content reflecting artistic, design and architectural statements which Ilana Goor herself spins.

This statement is expressed in her sculptures, in the rare collection of international art and even in the antiquities that she has been collecting for years. The combination of hundreds of artworks created by various artists, from young through to veteran and recognized artists creates a surprising eclecticism the result of which is perfect harmony under one roof.2

There is such a range of art both by Ilana Goor and the artists and styles she loves and I found fascinating.

You might enjoy this short video exploring the museum, its history and meeting Ilana.

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