Coastline between Monkey Mia and Kalbarri - Western Australia

Recently I travelled the length of Western Australia, from Broome to Perth and so far I have shared some highlights of Broome, Ningaloo Reef, Monkey Mia, Telegraph Point and Shell Beach. If you have missed these posts, use the magnifying glass at the top of any post and search for Western Australia.

Join me today, as the journey continues along the the rugged, majestic coastline walking the Bigurda Trail in Kalbarri National Park and seeing a Pink Lake.

Under clear blue skies we set off to walk part of 8 km Bigurda Trail. This coastal part of Kalbarri National Park, a dramatic rocky coastline sculpted by thousands of years of wind, waves and rain, reminding me very much of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, which I featured as a post a few months ago.

One one ‘apostle’ though rather than the 8 along the Great Ocean Road, named Island Rock and another outcrop - Natural Bridge - similar to London Bridge before it collapsed. Out to sea we spotted whales in the distance on their migration back south to Antarctica and a pod of dolphins.

It was a little early for the spectacular spring wildflowers however we did spot some blooms along the way.

(my own photos)

Close to the coast is the Hut Lagoon Pink Lake - a 70 km2 marine salt lake.

The water level is mostly a few metres below sea level. It is separated from the Indian Ocean by a beach barrier ridge and barrier dune system.

In the right light the water is hot pink, a result of carotenoid-producing algae, used in everything from cosmetic products to food colouring. Hutt Lagoon is also home to the world’s largest operating micro-algae production plant and is a source of brine shrimp used as feed in fish and prawn farms.

Join me tomorrow as I venture out on the Kalbarri Skywalk in Kalbarri National Park, high above the Murchison River.