More microscopic marvels by David A Lindon

Back in October 2020 we met David Lindon, a man from Bournemouth, England, who makes remarkable microscopic sculptures in the eye of a needle, or on the head of a pin!

You can revisit his work, and why he enjoys the challenge of doing it by clicking here.

You can only appreciate how tiny and exacting his work is, even using a microscope, when you look at the size of the eye of a needle against a coin or a match head:

David said in an interview in 2020: "Well, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon that’s for sure! I want to build up enough pieces that I can display at an exhibition using my special display stands and sealed microscopes, then more people can appreciate them."1

And true to his word, he hasn't stopped and now has his work for sale through Hammond Galleries, in the west midlands of England. His work is also soon to be on display at Ripleys Believe It Or Not, in Orlando, Florida, USA.1

We thought you might enjoy looking at some of his latest work....

Aren't they just incredible! Which one is your favourite? Would you have the patience, control and skill that is required to create these tiny, tiny works of art!?


  1. With thanks to, and David A. Lindon, Micro Art, Facebook.