The Man in Black

Over the past two days you have been viewing the remarkable paintings created by Troy Quinliven. His friend, Sydney artist Kevin McKay has assisted me in preparing these posts and if you missed seeing them the bookmark links are provided at the end of this post.

Kevin told me that Troy had a very eclectic taste in music but he had a particular affinity for Johnny Cash, and adopted his signature dress code - black, even if it was often splattered in paint. On a few occasions we did pub karaoke and he always did Johnny Cash’s "Man in Black". 1

In memory of Troy and as a mark of respect and admiration of all people who daily face the trials of disability in all the shades of the spectrum please take a few minutes to listen to Johnny Cash who tells us:

But just so we're reminded of the ones who are held back
Up front there ought to be a man in black.


I should say that for all the life and death pathos of Troy’s work and story, he was very good company. He had an impish sense of humour, and a very big circle of “best” friends. Here we are in the studio just before our last show together in 2016. 1



For those of you who missed the posts on Troy Quinliven or would like to revisit them, here are the bookmark links back to the posts.

Troy Quinliven remembered with love and admiration - Part One
Troy Quinliven painted with talent, passion and courage and today’s post showcases some of his paintings in memory of a remarkable young man. Image credit:

Troy Quinliven remembered with love and admiration - Part Two
Continuing on from yesterday with our tribute to the exceptional talent of Sydney artist Troy Quinliven (1983-2017) we view some of his works in ash and salt solutions and more powerful portraits showcasing his prodigious talent.

1. Memories of Troy Quinliven by Kevin McKay
2. Words from 'The Man in Black' by Johnny Cash
3. Images provided by Kevin McKay