The Legacy of Poldi Mimovich

I first introduced you to Australian artist Leopoldine (Poldi) Mimovich over a year ago when I must admit I found it difficult to locate many images of her works which was frustrating as I knew her to be a remarkable artist having attended some of her exhibitions when I was younger.

And then back on Christmas Day on the 25th December 2019 we learnt of the death of Poldi Mimovich.

Artists of Poldi's era have little footprint on the internet, unlike younger contemporary artists who need be part of the digital world to gain publicity and to survive as professional artists.

One of the aims of my art blog is to give internet exposure to artists like Poldi Mimovich so that the products of their creativity can be shared with a much wider audience and never forgotten. And one of the wonderful features of writing an art blog is that I receive mail from all kinds of people, generously giving me additional information about various topics related to art.

And as good fortune would have it I received a wonderful email from a woman who knew Poldi and was willing to help in finding some more of her works. This person wants to remain anonymous but through her endeavours over the past few weeks our story about the art of Poldi Mimovich has been enhanced.

As Poldi aged she found she could no longer create her magnificent large religious statues (usually in wood or bronze) and so turned to painting icons. Our anonymous contributor owns two Mimovich icons which she is willing to share with us.

Madonna and Child

( From a Private Collection)

Jesus Icon

(From a Private Collection)

But our anonymous supporter also knew of another Mimovich icon which is to be found in the Mercy Place Nursing Home Chapel in East Melbourne where Poldi spent the last years of her life.

Mary and Child 2 Icon

(Located in the Mercy Place Nursing Home Chapel)

Not satisfied with just sharing her icons, our Mimovich researcher wanted to see if she could find more works. I am amazed at the lengths this woman has gone to to provide us with this information so that more works of Leopoldine Mimovich could be shared around the world.

I now quote from her email to me:

I found one (icon) at Damascus College in Ballarat (Victoria) through a reference in an online school newsletter. They mentioned having one of Poldi's icons in their chapel.

The excerpt reads: "Within the chapel is an icon which is a painting in a particular style by artist Mrs Leopoldine Mimovich of Our Lady of Mercy. This painting was gifted to the College by then Governors; Sister Veronica Lawson and Father Adrian McInerney and is another symbol of the collaboration between the Sisters of Mercy and the priests of the diocese to support the learning of the young people of the College".

Alas, no photos of it, so I contacted the College to ask if they might send a photo and allow publication on your blog. Within a few days they had sent not only a photo of the icon in question, but all the other works of Poldi's they have, (with the exception of a small wooden St Martin de Porres statue, bequeathed by a certain Sr. Emmanuel RSM that is currently being passed around St Martin House TAS). They are very appreciative of having several of Poldi's works and so were most supportive of this request.

Madonna and Child

(Located in Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)


(Located in Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)

Christ 2

(Located in Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)

Christ 3

(Located in Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)

Madonna and Child 4

(Located in Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)


(Located Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)


(Madonna and Child Card - Damascus College in Ballarat, Victoria)

If you would like to read more, the Museum of Victoria has an excellent summary of the biography of Leopoldine Mimovich.

icon and cricifix

A very special thank you to our anonymous researcher and supporter who spent considerable time and effort to add information about Leopoldine Mimovich to our blog.