The Great Wave off Kanagawa explained

Many of us know of the iconic wood block print “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, by Katsushika Hokusai (known as Hokusai).

Credit: Public domain, due to age, via Wikipedia

Today we are going to look at a wonderful video which explains the meaning of this well known print against the history of Japan and its art over the previous two hundred years. It is also explains the meaning of ukiyo-e and exactly how wood block prints are made.

I thank our wonderful co-blogger, Jane, for sending me this link. Whilst it is a 16 minute video, I do think you will find it very interesting and easy to watch. It may give you a whole new insight into Japanese art!

With thanks to James Payne for a wonderful series on this and other subjects.

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Today we are delighted to welcome GGW in North Carolina to the AnArt4Life blog on-line community. And tomorrow we are going to join Jane in exploring a few of her favourite posts from the past.