The Bruegels - all twelve of them!

Pieter Bruegel the Elder was the first known Bruegel to be an artist and was the seminal figure in combining landscapes with scenes of ordinary people going about their daily lives - and this defines a genre artist. Out Hero Image today is a sketch of him, possibly a self portrait. This is one of his most famous paintings The World Upside Down (The Flemish Proverbs).  

Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted and also designed engravings which are like windows into his C16th world. Below is Landscape with Christ Appearing to the Apostles at the Sea of Tiberias painted in 1553 and regarded as one of his earliest known works.  

Delightful isn't it?  I have a book somewhere in my library showing many of the images from the Children's Games panel.  

Painting Point  I'm sure you are agreeing that Pieter Bruegel the Elder was a master painter. His painting of The Wedding Dance is one of the best lessons I can give you in designing a perfect composition. And for a bit of fun see if you can find the bride and groom.

 The placement of the figures has been executed accordingly to strict geometric rules which are illustrated below.

 If you are interested in learning a little more about this please follow the link to A Geometric Analysis of The Wedding Dance by Bruegel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder had profound influence not only on three more generations of painters in his own family but on the works of some of our famous and best known artists. Probably its fair to say all Flemish painters that followed on after Pieter were influenced but especially Peter Paul Rubens (1577– 1640) whom we will look at later.

I'm very sorry I wasn't there to witness the fun!