Struggling with a new view of the world

I'm not quite ready to complete  Protest Art as my dog Gypsy hasn't been well so a little time off from writing the blog to attend to her after having undergone some surgery for a growth in her ear. I'm happy to report she is back demanding my full attention!! I have also been having a struggle of my own making as I try to reinvent a new painting style.

A little while ago I showed you the start of a painting I created with my fingers. Just like at kinder- remember finger paint? It's a lot of fun. I turned this:

And if you're wondering what is lying in the grass on the hill on the other side- his shoes! But I haven't quite decided how they should look, what colour etc. And I don't know how many trees to include. I have a terrible habit of adding and adding detail after detail and a little voice is saying Stop!

What message does the painting convey? I guess what ever you would like it to mean but in my mind it's my version of Don't forget to stop and smell the roses!

Advent Calendar 1 DECEMBER

Today is the 1st of December and thanks to Linda, one of the blog supporters, you are going to be treated to a daily image until the 25th December to help you anticipate the excitement of all the different ways the festive season can be celebrated. All these creations have been made by Linda using the quilling technique.

*Thank you Linda. You're a Star!