Spotlight on Van Gogh

Today is Van Gogh's birthday - 30th March in 1853. I know many of our readers are very big Van Gogh fans, so today we bring you two videos which celebrate two specific aspects of his work: the houses he painted and his self-portraits.

We know he was a very tortured soul, but was prolific in his painting during the ten years before his death at age 37, in July 1890. You can read more about his life if you click here.

Once again, we thank Arts&Emotions for sharing their wonderful videos shining a spotlight on these two aspects of Van Gogh's work.

If you get to see the digital light show of Van Gogh's work, which is touring around the world, (and is currently in Melbourne, Australia), it is well worth the visit.

The show was reviewed by our co-contributor John Wylie, who saw it in South Australia in August 2021. click here.


With thanks to Arts&Emotions for their kindness in sharing their videos with us.