"Save Africa and the World" by Tendai Makufa

The latest painting from Tendai Makufa in South Africa is very powerful - both visually and in terms of the message it is portraying.

Save Africa and the World by Tendai Makufa ©

Save Africa and the World by Zimbabwe born Tendai Makufa is 120cm x 126cm and painted in acrylic decorative paint on canvas.

Tendai explains the thinking behind his latest painting:

It's talking about (in short) that some of us are receiving bumper harvest...in the middle is flowing with amazing milk and honey!!! Around this is "the brown" ...the example is Africa... but representing the world continent!!!!

The women are holding the World Continent and taking care of it.. but only a few of them!!! Others, they don't care about it, as long as they get what they want!!!

And so...what's next for the future generations?

Tendai Makufa

Tendai Makufa with Save Africa and the World ©

I personally find this the most amazing painting and one of Tendai's best. I find it enormously evocative and at first I am drawn (as I always am) to the vibrancy of Tendai' palette. The richness and variety of tones in the yellow/greens, the red/browns, the mauve/blues is breathtaking.

Tendai wraps the viewer immediately in the "life" that is his vision.

Stepping closer I am intrigued by the patterns that form the composition and the narrative, for this artist is a master story teller in paint on canvas. This man is expressing his thoughts in paint, his message to the world is being sent out in paint.

As he says: Art is my signature.

The intricate detail of colour, line and shape will astound you if you look closely into a Makufa painting. Every part has been created with love and respect for the place this part has in the overall composition.

The fruits are alive with their goodness and the nourishment they can offer the world.

The woman are ardently working at their role in saving Africa and the world.

Tendai Makufa wants to change the world - and not by himself - with all of us. He wants us, those who love art and the talent of creativity, to use our gifts to bring about change so that the future generations can enjoy the fruits of a bumper harvest.

Tendai implores fellow art lovers to use their own special talents to show the world how important art is and how it can change the world: your passion, your view, your thoughts - all different across our many cultures - but all driven with passion to create a world joined in the harmony and rhythm we see in his paintings.

Tendai Makufa

In the video below you can listen to Tendai Makufa as he speaks to us about his passion to change the world with art and argues fervently that:

It is a sin to die not using your talent!

© Thank you to Tendai Makufa who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life. And a very special thank you to Tendai for sharing his thoughts and passion about art.

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