Revisiting Country with Hugh Schulz: the Passion

The Magic of Hugh Schulz Part 1
Today’s blog presents a treasure trove of images of the Australian outback painted by “Brushman of the Bush” Hugh Schulz and collected over many years by a passionate devotee. Image credit: ©S. Lindeman
The Magic of Hugh Schulz: Part 2
With Andrew, the Collector of Hugh Schulz paintings, we begin to explore the perception and narrative of the outback through the works of Australia’s great naive artist. You will be delighted, enthralled and amused. Image credit: S. Lindeman
The Magic of Hugh Schulz: Part 3
Today we examine some of the paintings created by Hugh Schulz to enjoy the details and learn more about the techniques he used to create such beautiful and engaging images of the desert. Image credit: S. Lindeman