Photography Award Winners 2021

During October 2021 we featured the finalists in both the BirdLife Australia Photography Awards and also the Wildlife Photo Competition for this year.

Today we congratulate the winners of both competitions.

Birdlife Australia Photo Competition Winners 2021 for each category are shown above.

The winner for the best portfolio, shown below was awarded to Patrick Tomkins for A Grasstree Odyssey.

 A Grasstree Odyssey by Patrick Tomkins (1)

Patrick comments:

In the aftermath of the black summer bushfires, grass trees were one of the first things to recover. They provided a food source in a barren landscape, allowing a range of species to persist in some of the most severely burnt areas. The sea of new grass tree spikes, set against a backdrop of blackened bush, was eerily beautiful. It was a beauty tinged with sadness, and it genuinely took my breath away. I hope these photos have done it justice.

The complete details of all the winners are covered in detail on this link:

Gallery - Winners 2021 — BirdLife Australia Photography Awards
<p>The Australian Bird Photographer of the Year competition is open to photographers world wide. Enter your favourite photographs of Australian birds to win wonderful prizes.</p>

Comedy Wildlife Photo Competition Winners for 2021 are:

Ouch! by Ken Jensen (2)

Overall winner - Ouch! by Ken Jensen - amateur UK photographer, who beat off competition from 7,000 other entries, according to a statement from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards published Wednesday.

Jensen shot the image on a bridge over the Xun river in Yunnan, southwestern China, in 2016, capturing the moment the male monkey sat on one of the supporting wires of the bridge.2

Category Award Winners below include:

Ninja Prairie Dog by Arthur Trevino winner of the Alex Walker's Serian Creatures on the Land Award.

Time for School Chee Kee Teo winner of the Creatures Under the Sea Award.

To view all of the winners click on this link:

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