Philip Johnson: Portraits to Peppers

From time to time we have showcased the works of English portrait artist Philip Johnson.

Philip Johnson Portrait Painter Extraordinaire
English artist Philip Johnson will amaze you with his amazing portraits of well known characters and engaging others. You will be amazed at Philip’s skill in capturing the inner essence of a character.
Sir David Attenborough by Philip Johnson
A wonderful pencil sketch portrait of the incredibly inspiring David Attenborough created by the incredibly talented English artist Philip Johnson.

But today some non portrait works of Philip's demonstrating what an extraordinary skill he has in capturing a likeness so real you could eat it!

Delicious Peppers by Philip Johnson (Credit:
Delicious Strawberry by Philip Johnson (Credit:
Juicey and mouthwatering oranges from Spain by Philip Johnson (Credit:

© Thank you to Philip Johnson who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.

Don't forget, if you haven't already done so, please check out Philip's website to enjoy more of his amazing portraits of famous people - to do so please click here.

Late Mail

It's always a great day when we attract a new subscriber to join the AnArt4Life blog - and today it is a very warm welcome to Oliver in France who has decided to give us a go and see what we have to offer. And there is no better day to join up than when we are showcasing one of our favourite artists - Philip Johnson and his extraordinary talent.