Past Posts No 17 September 2018: Challenging How You Perceive a Work of Art

I always drive. In Los Angeles, that is what you do....but the problem is that we have these metro stations all over the city that are themed. Since I live in Hollywood, the metro station below the W hotel across from the Pantages theater is film themed. I love the thousands upon thousands of reels that decorate the ceiling. The lights cascade off of them in such a cool, glowing manner that I am always surprised when I'm with someone and they didn't even notice how ornate they are. In case you are going too fast, here is a shot to remind you to pay attention to your surroundings.
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN / Unsplash

There are so many ways you can look at life. There are so many ways you can look at a work of art. And artists equally like to challenge us to see, to process, to consider, images from different angles and ultimately from different understandings. An occasionally an artist likes to give us a little surprise to change our point of view.

Enjoy a couple of Past Posts on this topic.

Viewpoints and the Hidden Perspective
Consider what you see from your perspective as the viewer. A work of art can be viewed from many angles - each giving a different perspective on the subject and making you think in a different way. Image: Windows on a Time: Two by Anne Newman
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Today a selection of paintings to help you expand your perspective when viewing a work of art. Learn a little more from Vermeer, Deigo Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Jeffrey Smart. Image: Portrait of Clive James by Jeffrey Smart (