Past Posts: No 1 May 2018

Sunday is often the most leisurely day of the week. So we have decided that every Sunday, instead of a new post, we will revisit a selection of our posts from the same week exactly two years ago! You might like to browse one or more from that week that take your fancy! This might catch you up on a subject we covered before you joined us, or be a nice reminisce on past subjects!

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American Folk Art: Grandma Moses
Anna Mary Robertson Moses (1860–1961) began painting seriously in a folk/naive style at 78 years proving you are never too old to start. She gained her fame as Grandma Moses.
More Paintings Created by Grandma Moses
Anna Mary Robertson Moses had her first solo exhibition on 9 October 1940 at The Galerie St Etienne 46 West 57th Street, New York City. The owner of the gallery Otto Kallir believed in Anna Mary and her style of painting.
Patterns in Paintings
This Blog is especially directed at those of you who are learning to paint though hopefully everyone will gain something from the content
Byron Randall
Byron Randall (1918-1999) had four partners over his life (being married to three of them) and lead a very interesting existence which had considerable influence on his works. His art expressed strongly the environment in which he lived. Image: