Past Post: No 5 June 2018

Down here in Melbourne, Australia we are in the depths of winter. Many of the days are dull and overcast with clouds. Occasionally the sun and sky win over the clouds and when I go for my morning walk with Gypsy my mood lifts with the light of the day. Two years ago when the AnArt4Life blog was a baby I wrote a few posts on learning a little more about light in art.

Today I am going to share two of these posts which I hope will encourage you to take note of the light in your day (and night).

Light in its many Shades
Introducing to you some thoughts about the importance of light in a painting. Image: Moonlight Over Thacher Island by Stefan Mierz
Light, Shade and Shadows in Black and White
The invention of photography & the metal based daguerreotype process arrived in 1839 through the work of Nicephore Niepce & Louis Daguerre.William Henry Fox Talbot invented the paper-based calotype negative & the salt print processes. Frederick Mershimer works today in mezzotints.