Orthodox Easter Sunday

Sunday 19 April is the Orthodox Christian date for Easter Sunday. As we have come to accept the year of 2020 has totally altered the way we commemorate and celebrate significant days in our lives.

To help my Orthodox family and friends celebrate this day I thought I would show you some of the delightful Easter paintings created by Russian artist Mikhail Germashev (1867-1930).

All images are from en.wahooart.com.

Landscape with Church  
Lent is Over
Easter Morning
Easter Service
Easter Bells 
Easter Morning
Easter Festivities 

Painter, graphic artist

Germashev was born to a noble family. He studied at Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture (MUZhVZ, 1892–1899) under the guidance of A. E. Arkhipov, N. A. Kasatkin, I. I. Levitan, K. A. Savitsky and others. In 1897 Germashev was awarded prize of Moscow Society of Art lovers named after N. S. Mazurin for his painting Snow, which later was bought by P. M. Tretyakov.

Germashev lived in Moscow. He painted landscapes, still lifes and genre paintings. He also worked in watercolor and pastel. In his art Germashev continued traditions of the Itinerants. The favourite subjects of his paintings were winter and spring landscapes of Middle Russia (Grey day, 1894; Unfrozen river, 1898; In March, 1905; Before Spring, 1912).

Since 1892 Germashev participated in many exhibitions, including the exhibition of student’s works at Moscow School of painting, sculpture and architecture. He was a member and exhibitor of Moscow Association of Artists (1896–1908, with intervals), art circle Sreda (Shmarinov’s Wednesdays, 1911). Germashev exposed his works at the Spring exhibitions in the halls of the Imperial Academy of Arts (IAKh, 1898–1900), at exhibitions of the Society of Traveling Art Exhibitions (1901–1914, with intervals). In 1911 he made a trip to France; in 1915 he visited France and Belgium.

After October Revolution, Germashev took part in the 6th Art exhibition of painting by northern artists in Vologda, in the Exhibition of painting, sculpture and industrial art in Ryazan (both — 1918), in the 8th State exhibition in Moscow (1919).

In early 1920s Germashev immigrated to Paris. He painted Russian landscapes under the order of marchand Léon Gérard. Germashev was also engaged in book illustration. He exposed his works at the exhibitions in the gallery Gérard, at the Salon of the National society of fine arts and the Federation of French Artists (1927).

Works by Mikhail Germashev are in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, Irkutsk Regional Art Museum named after V. P. Sukachev and others.(artinvestment.ru)