October 2021 Mailbag No 2

Black Poodle in Jumper by Marie Prett (1)

How delighted I am that I can start the October Mailbag No 2 with an image of a poodle thanks to E in London who forwarded this delightful sculpture made by English ceramicist Marie Prett. My poodle Gypsy is nearly 17 years old and she agrees that Marie Prett's poodle is just fabulous!

If you missed the post, please follow this link to enjoy Marie Prett's Circus Ceramics!

And take a moment to check out the Marie Prett Ceramics website - you will not be disappointed.

Marie Prett has also made a Dalmatian in a Jumper and a Lurcher in a Jumper (below). A Lurcher (for those of you who haven't heard of this breed of dog) is the result of crossing a sighthound (Greyhound, Deerhound, Wolfhound) with another type of dog - usually a terrier, herding dog or a scenthound. Years back I owned a Lurcher and she was a cross between a Greyhound and Wolfhound. I can recommend them as the most beautiful of dogs. Ooops - next to a poodle of course - someone is listening!!! And yes - I also owned a Wolfhound which is a bit like owning a couch that breathes!!!

And let's continue the pink theme of the Dalmatian's jumper which is very pretty. Trevor in Canberra has sent in notice of an architectural collaboration between Melbourne-based practice Taylor Knights and artist James Carey, titled pond[er], which goes on display in October at the NGV International, after being named as the winner of the NGV’s 2021 Architecture Commission. 2

To be located in the Grollo Equiset Garden, pond[er] comprises two key design elements: a body of indigenous plants, and a body of water. The body of water is pink, a direct reference of Australia’s inland salt lakes that highlights the scarcity, importance and political implications of water as a natural resource. The body of indigenous plants features beds of Victorian wildflowers, designed in partnership with Ben Scott Garden Design, that bloom at different times throughout the installation. The flowerbeds seek to highlight the beauty, precariousness and temporality of our natural ecology. 2

The commission seeks to blend with the NGV garden as opposed to being a separate entity. Audiences are encouraged to move through a series of interconnected walkways and accessible platforms, with an opportunity to immerse themselves within the spaces of flora and water, even being able to step down and wade through the pink pond.2

If you would like to read the article please click here.

A little while back Rowdy Wylie and I presented some posts on baobab and boab trees - one of which was The Alluring Baobab. In response, Julie sent in the spectacular image below of the Avenue of the Baobabs Morondava, Madagascar.

Avenue of the Baobabs Morondava, Madagascar Credit: geology.earth (3)

R.K. in Queensland enjoyed the doll posts commenting: Wow Andreas dolls are amazing, such detail fascinating 🤗❤thanks for sharing.

Follow this link to see the posts we have written on dolls and doll houses.

From D in Bendigo - an article on the wonderful artist David Hockney who said: "The world is very beautiful, but human beings are quite mad," says the British artist.

Click here to read 'Abstraction in art has run its course'.

David Hockney Photo: Marco Secchi / Alamy Stock Photo (4)

K in Melbourne spotted another of those street art walls we love to see.

Building Transformation with Street Art (5)

Finally - the Anart4life blog technical side is looked after by Matt Cameron from www.influencer.tips - we know him as the Interwebs Wizard.

And what does an Interwebs Wizard do to relax? He builds raised garden beds!!

When I went looking for a tech person to look after my art website about 15 years ago I chose Matt because: (1) I could actually talk to him on the phone and (2) he loved to garden.

We send out a massive shoutout to Matt Cameron who is such an essential and wonderful member of our team.

If you're looking for an Interwebs Wizard check Matt out at Influencer.Tips. Not sure if he also offers gardening help but coming up later in the year will be a post on In the Garden with Matt Cameron.

Photo by Matt Cameron

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