New Year's Eve 2021

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, 2021, and we are on the cusp of the beginning of a new year. How are you feeling about it?

On New Year’s Eve 2019, we were looking forward to 2020 with our usual optimism, full of plans for things we wanted to achieve, full of new year’s resolutions, and wishes for health and happiness.

On New Year’s Eve 2020, we were hoping the pandemic was behind us. Whilst tinged with sadness for the lives lost and the hardships endured, we were hopeful of a new beginning in 2021, with a new appreciation of freedom, family and friends, never to be taken for granted again …………

This year, in 2021, we are wiser and more realistic about the coming New Year, knowing we must find a way to live with the pandemic. We trust that the difficulties and traumas of 2021 translate into a new appreciation for every small blessing, so we can adjust to a new world in 2022.

We hope you enjoy looking back at the spectacular firework celebrations from around the world in previous years, in both a 2 minute snapshot, below, or a longer version of 6.50 minutes following that.

To all our readers across the world, wherever you may be, the AnArt4Life team wish you a happy and healthy 2022. May kindness and generosity be yours in abundance and sustain you through the coming year.

Courtesy NBC News. (2.15 minutes)
Courtesy abcNews. (6.42 minutes)

Message from Anne Newman Editor in Charge of AnArt4Life blog

A very special thank you to my wonderful team - Jane, Caroline (The Keeper), Julie, Matt, Rowdy, John Pickup and Andrew - together we have completed another year of daily posts being sent out around the world. You are all inspirational in your own way and your contribution to the AnArt4Life blog is invaluable. I look forward to another year working together to bring art to our subscribers and followers.

And to our dedicated subscribers and followers - you are all wonderful and we love producing the posts for your enjoyment, knowledge and inspiration. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and step gently forward into the New Year as we explore our wonderful world made so much better by those who love all things art.