New Years Eve 2019

We are about to tick over to another decade, which brought back memories of 1999 – when many thought the world might end! The Y2K bug was hot in the minds of anyone in the computer industry or even with a computer – would it blow up or be eaten up by imaginary bugs when the clock struck midnight on 1 January, 2000?

Well we survived unscathed, maybe just the odd headache from over indulging?

Did you realise so many of our electronic necessities did not exist in 1999?

London New Years Eve Fireworks at London Eye
Photo by Kevin Hackert / Unsplash

No iPod. No smartphone. No YouTube. No Facebook. No Twitter. In 1999, the Internet was shiny-new and just out of the box, and we still believed that its greatest utility was to deliver dog food to our door and packs of gum and cigarettes to us by hand. We were just starting to figure out that the new search site Google, which had launched in 1998, might prove useful for something. We couldn’t yet peek 24/7 through our neighbor’s digital windows. We knew the word friend but not the word unfriend.(credit:

The world has changed so much in 20 years. Fabulous New Years Eve fireworks were televised from around the world to herald in the new millennium. Here are a few short YouTube clips of the most iconic.

London - with Queen Elizabeth, Paris, New York and a favourite for those of us down under.... Sydney

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