Movable Paper Figures by Willie Takatosi Cox

One of the AnArt4Life Twitter followers is Willie Takatosi Cox who works with minimal resources - paper, scissors and glue - to make a movable masterpieces.

As Willie tells us:

My Youtube channel is dedicated to showing how to make paper art move. This video is answers some of the questions about my process of making anything that I want to out of paper.

Do watch the videos - the paper figures are truly amazing and I am constantly flabbergasted at the ingenuity and creativity of people.

In the first two videos Willie will show you how to fold and glue the paper into amazing shapes for his figures. Get some paper and follow along!!

And in this video Willie showcases some of his incredible works of art.

You can follow Willie on twitter by Clicking here.

© Thank you to Willie Takatosi Cox who kindly gave permission for the images of his work to be shared on AnArt4Life.