More Little Houses

(Credit: Journey Jottings)


(Credit: Venture North/Kathleen Buzzacott)  

(Credit: Venture North/Kathleen Buzzacott)  

Judge, Bronwyn White said a good public toilet had a “trickle-down effect” into the local economy, by enticing tourists to stop and look around...“To be able to sit on the toilet and be able to watch the crocodiles and nature — there’s no other toilet like it,” Ms White said. “Someone said it’s like watching a live National Geographic show from the toilet.” The “waterless, odourless and environmentally friendly” bog converts waste into ­organic humus.Guests can watch crocs basking on sands below and see blacktip reef sharks hunting for prey. The Alice Springs loos were built in 2016 and painted by the art studio’s owner.(


(Credit: Amazing Australia)

The Hero Image today is a watercolour sketch of Aussie country letter boxes by my friend Way Sam. Tomorrow we are going to take a look inside one of Way Sam’s sketchbooks and maybe learn a thing or two about sketching and painting.



(Credit:Nicholas Ritter/MercuryPress)

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Enough on little houses. It's depressing as they are all disappearing.

On a happier note Trevor of Canberra sent the blog on the works of Russian Art Nouveau architect Fyodor Schechtel to a friend who travels frequently to Russia. Trevor’s friend has informed him that Schechtel designed the Australian Embassy in Moscow which has been the residence for our Ambassador in Moscow since 1959. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find an image of it but hopefully Trevor's friend will send us more information.

(Credit: Design Your Home)

Tomorrow we are getting back to paintings with a look at some of Way Sam’s creations.