Monochrome in life.... monochrome in photography

Here is the inspiring story of an Australian man, Sean Walker, who is completely colourblind, suffering from a very rare eye condition called rod monochromatism. He doesn't see colour at all.

He has had to make some big adjustments throughout his life to cope with this, but still manages to live a very fulfilling life ........ as a photographer!

Here is his story, as told to the ABC news network............

I’m a photographer and I’m colourblind — this is what I’ve learnt about the world
Sean Walker sees the world as though he’s watching a black and white television and was reluctant to pursue photography for a long time. Now he celebrates what he sees in the shadows and wants others to see beauty without colour.

In the following short video Sean describes how he goes about his photography, and the sorts of images which inspire him.......

Photographer Sean Walker sees the world in black and white
Sydney photographer Sean Walker was born with a condition called Achromatopsia and doesn’t see colour. Taking photos in black and white is a way for him to express the beauty in the shadows.


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